Welcome to Innovations!

Change your mind,you change your world.

Our clients are everyday people:
  • adults

  • children

  • adolescents

  • college students

  • families 

  • military and veterans

  When life happens, we are here to help!


 Innovations Counseling and Consulting Services provides outpatient professional counseling services to everyday people  who just need a little help!  We believe that going to counseling is the healthiest act that anyone can give themselves or a loved one who may be struggling with emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, family problems,behavioral problems, transition problems,trauma and PTSD; parenting challenges and more.  Everyday people have everyday problems.  When they get too big to handle by yourself,Innovations is here to help you along your journey in life.  We believe that when you begin to change your thoughts and actions in more productive, healthy ways; your life will change for the better.  Change your mind, change your world.

Why Choose Us?

At Innovations, we pride ourselves on providing caring and professional services to our clients. We are glad that you chose us and want to be part of your journey towards wellness from the beginning to the end! We know confidentiality and your privacy is very important. At Innovations you will be given a safe and relaxing place to work on yourself to become your best you!

change your mind, change your world!